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The Philippines is a splendid country with many marvelous things to offer, beginning from its rich cultural heritage to its quality manpower and resources.

Discover the country's hospitable lifestyle through its typical sun and sea adventure in a tropical setting filled with the best of western amenities. The Philippines is the second home of travelers who enjoy the company of the warmest people in the region coupled with its naturalness to varied cultures and global perspective. In addition, the Philippines allows everyone to experience a society which has a strong sense of its own identity combined with a diverse and multicultural history because of its Spanish, US, Japanese and Chinese influences.


The Philippines is widely recognized as an education gateway in the contemporary world. A crossroad for European, American and Asian societies, the Philippines is strategically in a position for introducing students to the issues, concerns, and expectations of the international scene.

With a priority on higher education and with English being taught in all schools, the Philippines is rated as the world's third largest English-speaking country considering an estimated overall literacy rate of 95.9%. Through its educational system patterned after that of the developed countries in the West and USA, thousands of international students from more than 70 countries are now studying in the Philippines.

The Philippines' program is hard to beat. It has one of the most affordable programs available in the world. It has many accredited state and private universities which are renowned worldwide. As all courses are taught in English, you will have the opportunity to earn US academic credit while continuing your studies in any of hundreds of courses from dozens of subject areas. You will live and study alongside Filipino and international students. The Philippines is believed to have a competitive advantage in medical education as well as its services. In the future, the development of these courses can ensure attainment of the goal of making the Philippines the Medical Center of Asia